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    We are a family owned and operated Nicaraguan-American Business. Our family has stores in Managua, Nicaragua and Miami, Florida. 50 years ago our founder Eloisa Saenz successfully poured out the first sweet drops of her delicious "Leche" syrup onto a pan to test a recipe she had been trying to create for several years.


    Today, Raspados Loli's Leche flavor is one of Nicaragua's most beloved Traditional desserts. The legacy she left behind for her family is one of hard work, perseverance, & love. For her clients, many great memories and nostalgic feelings must arise as her syrup came before the Earthquake that devastated Managua, after it at a time when families, neighbors joined to recover, and during a time of war, when families were separated. Among those her daughter who came to Miami with the wave of Nicaraguans fleeing from the hardships of war, and established the business that would rekindle them with memories of better times when all that mattered was deciding Leche or Relleno.


    To learn more about us please visit our History Page.

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