Was founded by Eloisa Saenz. Who was born in Leon, the "City of poets," she was a humble housewife to Dr. Juan Jose Guatemala, who was originally from beautiful Jinotega which is known as the "city in the clouds." They were a struggling couple going through the many hardships of life, trying to start a family, and provide for them. They were both poor, but hardworking. After they had their first child, Brenda Guatemala, Juan stumbled upon an article in the newspaper, stating that the University in Leon had opened a department of dentistry, this struck him with a great deal of grief, being that it was the profession that he had longed to study. Eloisa then made the ultimate sacrifice and told her husband that she would take full responsibility of the house.


Its was probably because of this, that after he graduated and they were still not doing that well, he supported his wife in her dream to create something to help support the household. She had seen others selling "Raspados," before and decided that she wanted to pursue this. This was much more difficult and costly, than either of them could've imagined. She tried and failed for many years, selling her failures for a cent to school children passing her by. One day her sister approached her and urged her to go to Costa Rica in search of a nun, who was also a native of Leon, the nun was believed by many to be a saint. Her name was Sor Maria. At first she brushed her off as being a dreamer and idealistic but ultimately, they both made the trip to consult her. It was said, that Sor Maria would never decline to see anyone from Nicaragua, especially from Leon.


When Eloisa met Sor Maria, she explained that she only wanted to help her husband and family.The nun made her way across her desk, placed her hands on her head,and said "everything will be fine, my child." One night, about a week or two later Eloisa finished her syrup, turned off the fire, and went to sleep. The morning after she awoke and checked on it as she did for many years, she yelled to her husband in joy,"Guatemala, I have it! I did it! its perfect!" Her husband was happy as well but told her you can't sing victory yet, try to remember everything you did and do it again." The rest is History.







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